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It all began in 1850 in a small village called Les Borges Blanques, located in the Catalan region of Lleida. The family-owned company Aceites Guiu was already manufacturing olive oil in an ancient stone mill. Early in the 20th century Mr Antonio Guiu began exporting olive oil to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Italy and France.

In the mid 1950's the family began the bottling and commercial activity in Spain and particularly in the region of Catalonia.

In 1990 the well-known multinational food company UNILEVER took control of José Guiu y Cía, s.a. thus becoming part of the olive oil business in Spain.

Six years later the Guiu family regained full control of the company and in December 1996 NORTOLIVA was founded with a renewed vision, being the trade and export of olive oils in bulk its core business.

The Guiu family

NORTOLIVA is currently managed by the 5th and 6th generations of the Guiu family. Like their ancestors, the newer generations continue greatly focused on quality and service.

Specialized in selecting and blending the best olive oils, our mission is to provide high quality and healthy products, satisfying our customer demands.

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